HST - Hawaii Canvas
HST - Hawaii Canvas
HST - Hawaii Canvas

HST - Hawaii Canvas

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Ever lived or been to Hawaii? Then you can understand that the warmth of the islands comes from the love of its people. Document those moments with those that warm your heart and brings paradise to your life. If you believe Hawaii does not only have to be a place you go to then HST™ Hawaii Canvas may be perfect for you. Home may be where the heart is, but you can always take it with you. HST is where the details matter!!!

コレクション:Hello Small Things!
■ Season1
■ HST - Hawaii Canvas(ハワイ・キャンバス)

商 品: クリアスタンプ
サイズ: 約4 x 6 インチ 

  • この商品にクリアスタンプに使うアクリルブロックは含まれておりません。
  • 小さなお子様のご使用時は十分気をつけてください。